Terms of Service 12/15/12
Present Trader is a service that connects people who have items that other people want to exchange for. This service is similar to a service engine or classifieds service and as such we cannot and do not provide any warranty for any product being exchanged. Present Trader is not a legally binding contract and by using the service you agree that Present Trader holds no liability for the actions of you or the person you seek to exchange gifts with. Present Trader is not able to assist in the event you have an issue with an exchange but you are free to inform us for reference and to leave that user appropriate feedback. 
If you have a dispute with one or more users, you release Present Trader, all its employees, investors and subsidiaries from claims, demands and damages. If you live in California you agree to waive California Civil Code §1542. 
1) Denial of Access
Present Trader reserves the right to deny access to anyone at anytime. Present Trader's terms of service lays out specific guidelines but are not limited to the following:
-False gifts that are never exchanged.
-Attempting to get people to pay before mailing a gift. It's an exchange not a marketplace.
-Violent/hateful or otherwise disruptive engagement with individuals.
-Legal threats
-Low feedback score.
-Any other reason we deem disruptive to the service
-Multiple accounts
-Abusing the spirit of the service or submitting multiple false report
If you attempt to file action against Present Trader you agree that it shall be through binding online arbitration through net-arb and that you will have to pay the full costs for the service. 
If any part of this Terms of Service is struck down for any reason, you agree that the other parts of this document shall remain in force. By using Present Trader you agree that no implied or express warranties is extended by our service. You agree to not upload any copyrighted material and that doing so could lead to your account being banned. 
Force Majeure - 
You agree that we are not liable for any disruptions to our service or malfunctions from any reason whatsoever. This also includes events which are outside of our control including but not limited to, floods, earthquakes, alien invasions, solar flares, hackers, riots, embargoes, requests by governments, acts of god, tired programmers or anything else.
These Terms of Service will be updated from time to time and we encourage you to check back. 
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