Present Trader Privacy Policy 12/15/12
Present Trader collects your name and email address and location in order to accomplish the core mission of the service to help you exchange presents. We may occasionally send promotional messages or other emails but we are very respectful of our users and the amount of messages they receive. Your trust is important to us and an important part of the Present Trader experience. We will not sale your email address to 3rd parties. Of course, if we receive a valid request for information from law enforcement we will comply to provide that information but if we deem possible - we will attempt to notify the user that the information has been requested. We may provide general information for research purposes to 3rd parties but not your name and email address.
For Facebook users, we collect your UID, name, email address and location to help you get started exchanging gifts. 
Present Trader uses cookies, not the delicious kind but the ones that help us keep you logged in. Your browser allows you to delete cookies or to not accept them at all. Our cookies help us keep you logged in but you are free to clear them and log back in at anytime.
This privacy policy may from time to time change and we encourage you to check back for updates.