It’s eight o’clock on Christmas morning and you rush downstairs past the green garland and large candy canes and run up to the Christmas tree. You need no encouragement to begin ripping  into your package. As you clear away the wrapping paper you come upon the first glance of your much anticipated gift, “NOOOOOOOOOO!” That’s not the white iPhone 5, with 32GB and hands free Bluetooth headset! It’s a bread maker! Perhaps there was mistake, maybe they wrapped it for the wrong person. But they continue smiling at you and it becomes abundantly clear that you are stuck with that present. This tragic story has been repeated billions of times for thousands of years, over holidays and birthdays.

Not anymore…

Present Trader allows you to exchange the gifts you got, for the ones you really wanted.  You just login and enter the present you have to exchange and you will receive an email notifying you about people who have gifts to trade. If you see something you’d be willing to exchange your unwanted gift for, you click ‘exchange gift’.  If the other person agrees to the trade, you will be connected so you can make the exchange. Present Trader matches people based on location and by type of gift, with categories for women, men, boys, girls and electronics. To keep the exchanges local, distances are limited to not greater than 100 miles.

Santa Claus is only human and he makes mistakes and the same can be said of Grandma’s taste in sweaters. Present Trader allows you to fix those injustices by connecting you with the people who have the presents you really wanted and having a whole lot of fun in the process.